Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)
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REV Initiatives

REV's 40+ initiatives to build a clean, resilient, and more affordable energy system for all New Yorkers are found in the New York State Energy Plan and are grouped into seven general categories. Read about some of these initiatives below or visit the New York State Energy Plan site for more information.

1. Renewable Energy

REV Initiative - Renewable Energy

Our goal is to support a broad range of renewable options, from rooftop solar panels to grid-scale wind farms, all with an emphasis on integrating these diverse energy sources into the grid. New York is working to reduce soft costs and other market barriers to make these solutions more competitive in the energy market.

Sample Initiatives:

2. Buildings & Energy Efficiency

REV Initiative - Building and Energy Efficiency

Buildings consume roughly 60% of all energy used in New York. If we’re going to maximize the benefits of clean energy, we need to ensure that our power is being consumed more efficiently by end-users at scale. This applies to individuals, residences, businesses and State-owned buildings alike. We also know that energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Sample Initiatives:

3. Clean Energy Financing

REV Initiative - Clean Energy Financing

Because ratepayers and taxpayers cannot and should not finance the New York’s energy transition alone, the success of REV is dependent on the State’s ability to animate markets and attract private capital towards the envisioned clean energy solutions and to support the growth of our clean energy economy.

Sample Initiatives:

4. Sustainable & Resilient Communities

REV Initiative - Sustainable and Resilient Communities

New York is made up of 4,270 local governments. Our goal is to empower each locality to adopt more sustainable and resilient energy systems by providing them with access to information, technical guidance and financing to adopt clean energy solutions that meet their needs and help revitalize their communities.

Sample Initiatives:

5. Energy Infrastructure Modernization

REV Initiative - Energy Infrastructure Modernization

60% of New York’s power generation infrastructure is over 35 years old. As we develop distributed energy resources statewide, it is critical for the safety and resiliency of our current energy system that we maintain—and in some instances enhance—the central grid. It is only by doing so that we can continue to meet the energy needs of New Yorkers and integrate clean and distributed power at scale into our energy system.

Sample Initiatives:

6. Innovation and R&D

REV Initiative - Innovation and R&D

For too long, cutting edge business models and technology solutions have been sitting on the sidelines of New York State’s energy system. REV seeks to bring those solutions into the mainstream and onto the grid. Initiatives to support innovation and R&D will not only help us build the grid of tomorrow, but will create jobs and attract investment to New York, as a global clean energy and technology capital.

Sample Initiatives:

7. Transportation

REV Initiative - Transportation

Transportation accounts for 34% of the State’s greenhouse gas emissions and $26.7 billion in fuel costs annually. A cleaner, more efficient and sustainable transportation system is critical to advancing New York’s energy goals. This will include alternative fuel vehicles (especially plug-in electric vehicles), more efficient public transportation, smarter transportation management infrastructure, consumer education and close coordination with neighboring states to implement effective regional solutions.

Sample Initiatives: