Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)
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REV Demo Projects

REV is driving New York's six investor-owned utilities to work with energy innovators to lower costs, test advanced technologies, and design new replicable business models through REV Demonstration Projects (REV Demo Projects).

Together utilities and their partners are trying out ways to power our homes and businesses reliably at lower costs while reducing emissions. As with all things REV, clean, resilient, and more affordable energy are the driving forces.

REV Demo projects will also:

  • Help utilities and their partners figure out the most effective ways to utilize distributed energy resources like rooftop solar, energy storage, and microgrids
  • Test new approaches to assess value, explore options, and stimulate innovation before implementing projects full-scale
  • Deliver observable results and actionable information within a reasonable timeframe

As with all business operations and consumer products, utilities must assess each project regularly. We hope each REV Demo Project will lead to successful, viable, scalable and replicable solutions for any utility.

Have an idea for a REV Demo Project?

New York is seeking demo projects on an ongoing basis. If you have a product, service, or business model that can lower existing costs and share added value among customers, third parties, and utilities, submit an idea to REV Connect. Submissions will be shared with the six investor-owned utilities and the New York State energy agencies' team supporting the exploration of REV Demo Projects.

List of Current REV Demo Projects

Demo Project
Investor-owned Utility
Project Goals
Building Efficiency Marketplace ConEdison Ecova Inc. and Honest Buildings To build a clean energy project platform for medium to large commercial buildings that will analyze data to identify projects that can be put out to bid on the same platform
Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Distributed System Platform (DSP) National Grid Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and Opus One To optimize customer-owned distributed energy resources (DER) throughout Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and test the benefits of a distributed system platform
Central Hudson Simple Energy To offer an online engagement platform that brings together residential customers with third-party DER providers and services using a platform with personalized energy recommendations
Commercial Battery Storage ConEdison GI Energy, NEC Energy Solutions, and Urban Electric Power To build customer-end storage systems that are managed by partners and using these systems to help defer capital investments and participate in wholesale markets
Clean Virtual Power Plant ConEdison SunPower and Sunverge To provide bundled residential solar with storage offerings that can be aggregated and dispatched as a virtual power plant to meet local distribution energy needs. (Pending guidance from local regulatory committees)
Commercial Battery Storage ConEdison GI Energy To create a third-party ownership model of battery storage for commercial customers and test the project’s ability integrate battery storage into wholesale markets
Community Energy Coordination New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) Simple Energy and EnergySage To increase adoption of DER and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers for participating DER service providers through an online clean energy and energy efficiency marketplace
CONnectED Homes Platform ConEdison Opower and Enervee To create an online DER marketplace to help residential customers buy energy efficiency products and services in Brooklyn and Westchester
Customer Convenience & Demand Reduction in Clifton Park National Grid Opower To incentivize customers to reduce energy demand while learning about their energy use and how to control their bills
Distributed Generation
National Grid N/A To accelerate the pace and scale of interconnecting distributed generation systems above 50kW
Energy Marketplace Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) Simple Energy To launch an online marketplace that facilitates transactions between DER providers and customers and provides customers with information to better understand and manage their energy use
Flexible Interconnect Capacity Solution New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG)/Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) Smarter Grid Solutions To create less costly and faster ways for project developers to connect large distributed energy resources to the grid by providing an infrastructure-as-a-service model
Fruit Belt Neighborhood Solar National Grid Solar Liberty and Threshold Inc. To create a community rooftop solar program that shares solar credits and helps low-to-moderate-income customers access clean energy
Residential Customer Marketplace Orange and Rockland Utilities Simple Energy To create an online marketplace that spurs customer engagement and helps find energy products and services to meet their needs
Resiliency Demonstration in Potsdam National Grid Clarkson University, GE Energy, OBG, and SUNY Potsdam To work with local customers and distributed energy resource providers to fund a microgrid to test demand for premium resiliency services
Smart Home Rate All Depends on the utility and service area To encourage smart management of home energy usage
Storage on Demand ConEdison NRG, LG Chem, Greensmith To operate a mobile energy storage system for emergencies and market applications